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Buffalo Collegiate is a 100% uniform school. Our uniform creates a sense of team and unity, demonstrates our PRIDE as members of Buffalo Collegiate, and instills the professionalism of a college prep school. 

Students are required to wear:

  • SHIRT: Navy polo tucked in 

  • PANTS: Khaki or Navy Pants (no cargo pants or denim)

  • SKIRTS: Buffalo Collegiate plaid, navy, or tan must be Knee Length

  • BELT and SHOES: Solid color belt and shoes (black or brown); no decorations

  • STOCKINGS or LEGGINGS: Must be solid white, black, navy, or brown (no sparkles)

  • UNDERSHIRT: Solid white, navy, black, gray, or brown; cannot show sleeves

  • SHOES: Black shoes; no boots may be worn after AM Advisory