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Buffalo Collegiate is a 100% uniform school. Our uniform creates a sense of team and unity, demonstrates our PRIDE as members of Buffalo Collegiate, and instills the professionalism of a college prep school. 

Students are required to wear:

  • SHIRT: Navy polo tucked in 

  • PANTS: Khaki or Navy Pants (no cargo pants or denim)

  • SKIRTS: Buffalo Collegiate plaid, navy, or tan must be Knee Length

  • BELT and SHOES: Solid color belt and shoes (black or brown); no decorations

  • STOCKINGS or LEGGINGS: Must be solid white, black, navy, or brown (no sparkles)

  • UNDERSHIRT: Solid white, navy, black, gray, or brown; cannot show sleeves

  • SHOES: Black shoes; no boots may be worn after AM Advisory

Any student arriving to school not in full uniform will receive silent reflection that day. We will also notify families that your child was out of uniform.