Buffalo Collegiate Charter School is proud to offer transportation to all of our students who reside within the city of Buffalo through BPS. While we cannot control most aspects of transportation we are happy to assist in any way that we can. On this page you will find: Bus Terminal Contacts, Buffalo Public Transportation Dept. Contacts, and forms.


First Student Terminal Contacts:

200 BUSES                           874-0544

300 & 400 BUSES                 835-5410

500 BUSES                            826-4771

600 BUSES                           896-1171

700, 800 & 900 BUSES         894-4778

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Transportation Hotline:  816-4895

Transportation Dept. Fax: 878-9744

Al Diamico, Director of Transportation  (

Cheryl Kennedy, Asst. Director of Transportation  (

Robin Craddock, Supervisor of Transportation  (

Joseph Ghosen, Supervisor of Transportation  (

Gracine Barone, Supervisor of Bus Aides  (