With unrelenting determination and a commitment to excellence, Buffalo Collegiate Charter School educates students in grades 4 through 12 to graduate from the college of their choice and serve as our next generation of leaders.


At Buffalo Collegiate we believe that all students deserve an excellent education, one that unlocks opportunity, empowers them to advocate for themselves and others, and inspires them to reach their full potential in college and beyond.  To achieve our mission, we commit to the following core beliefs.


core belief 1

Achievement is a mindset. The foundation of all achievement is belief, focus, and persistence.  Our students will immediately recognize that our school believes in their potential and will work tirelessly to support, prepare, and inspire them along the path to college.  


People matter. Vision and systems only work with the right people.  We are committed to supporting and developing a team of fiercely committed adults who embrace opportunities to learn, grow, and collaborate in service of the students we serve. 

core belief 2


Every moment counts. Time is limited, and we will use it efficiently.  With an extended school day and year, a meticulously planned curriculum, fine-tuned systems, and a commitment to using data to inform and refine instruction, we will create a culture in which students have the time and tools to learn and teachers have the time and tools to teach.

core belief 3


Culture must be intentionally established. Individuals achieve their personal best when supported by a community that expects a lot from them, enthusiastically supports their focus and achievement, and helps them develop resiliency through shared struggle.  We believe that students thrive in an environment that is both structured and joyful and that developing strong partnerships with families is essential to creating a school culture that challenges, inspires, and empowers students.

core belief 4